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This is our selection of Old Smokey cooking products. These are very low competetive prices! All products are brand new and shipped directly from the manufacturer. Click on a product's image to go to the item's page.
Small Charcoal Grill #14
This is the best grill for 2-3 people, for small families, or to take camping. This one gets used as an auxiliary grill by lots of people. We see it next to some big barbecue rigs. Even though it has a smaller grill surface, you can still get 4 chicken halves or 6 hamburgers on it. Diameter: 14" Height: 23" Weight: 9.5 Lbs

Medium Charcoal Grill #18
This is the size you'll want to cook for 4-6 people. It's our best seller. It works great on the back patio, on a camping trip or at a tailgate barbecue. Make our favorite your favorite and don't forget to Barbecue Every Day. Diameter: 18" Height: 27" Weight 15 Lbs

Large Charcoal Grill #22
This one is also known as the "jumbo" or the "bring the family" model. It's bigger, so it has 2 extra handles on the side. It's large enough to cook for a big crowd. It's 22" diameter cooking surface is hard to overload. But be careful when pulling this one out! If word gets out, you'll have lots of neighbors and friends coming over! Diameter: 22" Height: 28" Weight: 22 Lbs

Electric Smoker
The Old Smokey Electric Smoker has a heating element, like an electric oven. On top of the heating element is a chip tray where you put wood chips for smoke flavor.

2" Temperature Gauge
The BT-1 has a 2" dial, is made of heavy duty stainless steel, and it reads from 100f to 475F. Installation is easy - just drill a 3/8" hole, insert the threaded part into the hole, and tighten it into place with the included washer & nut. It will stay in place.

3" Temperature Gauge
The BT-2 has a 3" dial, is made of heavy duty stainless steel, and it reads from 100f to 475F. Installing this one is a liitle different, because there are 2 options. The back of the BT2 has a threaded part that screws the gauge into a 1/2" pipe thread fitting (usually found on larger grills and smokers)...

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